DPS STS School Dhaka hosts graduation ceremony

DPS STS School Dhaka recently hosted the graduation ceremony for the class of 2024Courtesy

DPS STS School Dhaka has recently hosted the graduation ceremony for the class of 2024 through a grand event at the DPS STS Senior School Auditorium.

A total of 114 students graduated from the school in the 2023-2024 academic sessions, says a press release.

The graduation ceremony of the class of 2024 was attended by the school’s principal Shivananda CS, vice principal Tarana Majid Ahmed, head of marketing and admissions Nabamita Momtaz, head of the upper-secondary section (Grades 9-12) Shegufta Hasan Khan, dean of academics for the upper-secondary section Sangeeta Deedwania Taunk, head of lower-secondary (Grades 5-8) Jesmin Sultana, dean of academics for the lower secondary Ilham Adnan Alam, and the head of the business studies department and grade 12 coordinator Afrin Khan, all the teachers of Grades 9-12 along with the DPS STS Senior School admin team members and several high officials from the STS Group. Additionally, all the parents of graduating students were present at the ceremony.

The principal and vice principal then distributed certificates to all the graduating students together, followed by section-wise group photo sessions with the teachers. After a series of cultural performances and batch video screening, Afnan Hider, DPS STS valedictorian of the class of 2024, gave an inspiring speech dedicated to his fellow graduates and the school where they all spent over 12 years together.

Regarding the graduation of the class of 2024, Shivananda CS said, “The graduation day is a momentous occasion where the students complete one journey and embark on another with all their hard work and achievements. As the young graduates begin a new chapter of their lives seeking both educational and personal growth, we hope that they continue to work hard and excel no matter where they are.”