DPS STS holds graduation ceremony for Class of 2023


DPS STS School Dhaka celebrated the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023 with a grand ceremony on 21 July at the DPS STS Senior School Auditorium. A total of 100 Grade 12 students graduated in the 2022-2023 academic session.

The grand event was attended by the Chief Executive Officer of STS Group Manas Singh, Principal of DPS STS School Dhaka Dr. Shivananda CS, the newly appointed Director of International School Dhaka (ISD) Mr. Steve, Head of IT Mostafizur Rahman Mridha, DPS STS Head of Senior School Tarana Majid Ahmed, Head of Marketing and Admissions Nabamita Momtaz, Head of the Upper-Secondary section (Grades 9-12) Shegufta Hasan Khan, Dean of Academics for the Upper-Secondary section Sangeeta Deedwania Taunk, Head of Lower-Secondary (Grades 5-8) Jesmin Sultana, the Head of the Business Studies Department and Grade 12 Coordinator Afrin Khan, all the teachers of Grades 9-12 along with the DPS STS Senior School admin team members and several high officials from the STS Group.

The hosts of the DPS STS Graduation Ceremony 2023 were Assistant Examiner of Cambridge Board and English teacher of the Upper-Secondary section Emran Jamshed Taher and Lower-Secondary (Grades 5-8) Chemistry In-Charge Taskeya Ahmed. The event began with a surah recitation and the national anthem. 

The DPS STS Senior School Head, Tarana Majid Ahmed, presented the welcome remarks. In her speech, she highlighted various personal achievements of the graduating students, including the Cambridge Assessment of International Education (CAIE) board country and world toppers, song and video releases of the artistic students, and the new small businesses set up by some of the Grade 12 students.   

After the speech, Afrin Khan, Tarana Majid Ahmed and the Principal, Dr Shivananda, took the stage and presented certificates to the graduating students of the class of 2023.

DPS STS Valedictorian of the Class of 2023, Numa E Jannat, gave a rousing speech to the raucous cheers of her classmates, recalling all the moments she shared in the DPS STS campus with her friends, all the challenges they overcame as a group over the last 12 years, and some anecdotes of herself and her friends while preparing for various DPS STS events. She thanked her teachers, the senior management of the school, and her brother for inspiring her all these years.

After that, a small performative segment was arrnaged for the graduating students, with songs performed by DPS STS students and Music Department teachers and dance performances by the DPS STS Dance teachers and their brilliant students. 

After the cultural program, a video made by the Grade 12 students, showing snippets of their life in the DPS STS School Dhaka, was screened for the audience. The video was cheered with great gusto by the graduating students.

After the video, all the graduating students took the stage, and the new Director of ISD, Mr Steve Calland-Scoble shared a few words of encouragement.

The DPS STS School Dhaka's Principal, Dr Shivananda the took the stage and shared an emotional speech recalling the fundraising success of the graduating students and all the successful events they have organized such as DPSIMUN, DIDC, TEDex and many others. He then shared advice on choosing the right career and ended his speech by thanking them. Then he declared them successful graduates from the DPS STS School Dhaka for 2023. Upon his declaration, the students threw their graduation ceremony hats high in the air as a symbolic gesture to end their school life officially.

One of the graduating students, Aoveek Hossain, said, “I am very honoured to be graduating from a prestigious school such as DPS STS. In my seven years at this school, I have made the best memories and the most wonderful friends. Events such as DPS STS Rock Fest and DIDC will always have a special place in my heart, so will the teachers. The ceremony was a perfect send off for the graduates from their forever home.”

All the parents of graduating students who were present attended the ceremony.  

The DPS STS Graduation Ceremony is a momentous occasion where the hard work and achievements of the graduating students are recalled and grandly celebrated. It was a vibrant celebration of mesmerizing moments, applause, emotional speeches, song and dance performances, and memories. 

It is noteworthy that the DPS STS Graduation Ceremony 2023 was organized by the entire school’s team, led by two highly respected members of the school faculty; the DPS STS Head of the Upper-Secondary section Shegufta Hasan Khan, and the Grade 12 Coordinator Afrin Khan. All respected faculty members and the admin team tirelessly worked to make this ceremony success.

Regarding the graduation ceremony, DPS STS School Dhaka’s Principal, Dr Shivananda CS, said, “We are proud of our young graduates who now embark on a new journey in education and life. DPS STS School Dhaka hopes they keep working sincerely to fulfil the expectation of the nation as well as the betterment of the family, society, and country."