The DPS STS School Dhaka distributed daily necessities to an orphanage named ‘Families for Children’ in capital’s Uttara recently.

The distribution programme was organised under a campaign titled ‘Alor Dhara’ by the school’s Community Club. It was an interactive event where DPS STS students got the opportunity to socialise with the children from the orphanage, said a press release.

It said a group of DPS STS students volunteering for campaign had collected old books and newspapers from their friends and neighbours. They later sold those to buy daily necessities for the children of the orphanage home.

On 22 March, the volunteering students went to the orphanage and distributed the daily necessities. The orphanage authorities appreciated the donation wholeheartedly, reads the press release.


The press release said there were some mentally-challenged children at the orphanage. The DPS STS students not only took care of their daily needs but also brought smiles on these orphans’ faces by offering candies and cookies.


In a friendly chat later, the children from the orphanage shared their future-plans with the students. Many of them expressed their wish to help others when they grow up. Most of them also dream of opening their own orphanage to aid others the way they have been taken care of, it added.

Thus, this campaign taught these tender minds how important it is to share their care and happiness with others in the society.

DPS STS School Dhaka plans to carry out more such projects to help students learn the significance of social solicitude in the community and grow up to contribute to their country in varied ways, according to press release.

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