A group of students of DPS STS School Dhaka have recently taken up an out-of-the-box initiative comprising a number of activities to turn the vacation into one full of exhilarating events for their junior peers.

Some students of the school, who have completed 10th grade, mapped out plans to keep the morale of the junior students high in the time extended closure of school due to pandemic, said a press release.

The team named ‘Vacation Masters’, consisting of Akil Rafid, Faizah Ehsan, Shabkaad Ahmed, Sayra Arij, Anish Halder, Umme Affa Ibnat Masud, Aoveek Hossain, and Saloney Ghosh Sheza, arranged three different exciting activities to keep boredom at bay and make the lockdown fruitful for the juniors.

The first activity was ‘Mask Decoration Competition’, where the students from 5th-7th grades were asked to adorn their masks in whatever way they liked making the best use of their creative impulses with an intention to raise awareness about the significance of putting on a mask during this troubled period. The second activity was the ‘Trivia Tournament’, a live, adrenaline-pumping trivia quiz that was broadcast on DPS STS School Dhaka’s Facebook Page. The questions were asked to analyse the knowledge of the students outside their academic subjects. A special round named ‘How well do you know Dhaka City?’ was designed so that students could cast their minds back to recall the things related to this capital.

As part of the last task, the students from Grade 5-12 went through a ‘Special Journey of Gratitude’ on the occasion of Eid by making cards and conveyed their regards to the frontliners, including workers, helping hands, drivers, house guards and caretakers who put their lives on the line to help people in need throughout the pandemic.

A video with a message thanking all the real heroes was made, which is now available on the school’s Facebook page.