DPSMUN V applauded by over 300 students across Dhaka

After the massive success of its first four arrangements, DPS STS School Dhaka has successfully hosted the fifth DPS Model United Nations Conference (DPSMUN). Aiming at building confidence among students for public speaking and exploring manifold social and global crises with critical perspectives, the “DPSMUN V” took place from 04 to 06 March 2022 at DPS STS Senior Section Campus. More than 300 students from grades 08 – 12 registered to take part in DPSMUN V, said a press release.

Model United Nations conferences function as the educational simulation of the United Nations (UN)’s conferences, where students can take part to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and how to collectively search for solutions – similar to the way the UN operates. At DPSMUN, students from various schools around Dhaka city are selected to represent countries as their respective “delegates.” They argue over issues concerning the current international community, ranging from economic, social, and political conflicts.

Sudipto Mukerjee, Representative of UNDP in Bangladesh and Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, CEO, STS Group inaugurated the event. Principal Dr. Shivananda CS and Vice Principal Bijo Kurian also graced the event along with other faculty members, guests and participants. Dr. Shivananda CS, Principal, DPS STS School Dhaka, congratulated the finalists and all the participants at the DPSMUN event during his welcome speech. “We focus on creating well-rounded individuals to ensure they’re prepared for real-life challenges,” he said. “Along the way, they become more knowledgeable about current affairs, gain leadership qualities and improve their public speaking skills.”

“Many times, I found myself seeking for the right way to articulate my opinions, which although were logical and fitting according to the context of argument, I could not establish my point in the end because of my lack of confidence and persuasion skills. DPSMUN V is my first-time experience of speaking publicly supporting a cause, and I believe it has definitely improved my calibre of understanding contradiction of ideas and picking the best solution from multiple alternates through debate and discussions,” said one of the delegates, according to the release.

The DPSMUN V had reputable sponsors from all over Bangladesh, they include; Excellence, Pran, Smart cars association, Saif powertec limited, Khan trading corporation, ABC tiles and Billz magazine. They also had the support of the food partners, namely; Beans & Aroma, Thanda garam, BFC, Orange & Half, Street chicken and Premium sweets. DPSMUN V also had an excellent clothing partner; Valore.

DPSMUN V particularly opted to revive the spirit of MUN conferences across schools in Bangladesh since the Covid-19 pandemic has been preventing the fresh delegates from discovering MUNs for the past couple of years. MUN conferences help build a stronger portfolio for the student for exploring their future opportunities with a proactive and inclusive attitude. Additionally, once a student starts in the club, they remain a part of it for the rest of their school years, securing them a long-term extracurricular. DPSMUN Club has always played a leading role in school MUNs in Bangladesh and continuously elevated the standard.