Tareq Rafi Bhuiyan (Jun), Trustee, Kazuko Bhuiyan Welfare Trust said, “Our aim is to support and promote Japanese language learning in Bangladesh by providing need-based assistance for teaching. Kazuko Bhuiyan Welfare Trust meets the needs of those organizations and institutions who have truly proved their capacity and dedication for teaching Japanese language.”

Shezami Khalil, head of corporate communications and sustainability, JTI Bangladesh, said, “JTI has recently proudly supported a special cultural initiative to mark the 50 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Bangladesh. This new initiative that we are undertaking with Kazuko Bhuiyan Welfare Trust would help more Bangladeshis to learn Japanese language, build language competency and utilize that for greater personal and professional opportunities.”

Kazuko Bhuiyan Welfare Trust is a non-profit organisation working on social development concerns in Bangladesh, particularly in the areas of education, entrepreneurship, awareness, disaster response, and capacity building. Kazuko Bhuiyan Trust was established in August 2019 in memory of the late Kazuko Bhuiyan, who was a sensei (Japanese word for teacher) to many Bangladeshi students.

In 2018, JT Group acquired the Akij Group’s tobacco business for approximately USD 1.5 billion, making it the single largest FDI ever in the Bangladesh private sector. JTI Bangladesh is one of the largest taxpayers in the country and works with approximately 15,000 registered farmers to grow tobacco, fostering rural economic development and exports.

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