Education ministry decides on school schedule on Friday, Saturday

Education Ministry

No decision has been made on keeping educational institutions open on Friday, said the education ministry in a Facebook post on Tuesday night.

The ministry in its verified Facebook page wrote, “Teaching at the school level is continuing on a temporary basis on Saturday to get rid of the learning gap. No decision has been made to keep the institutions open on Friday.”

Earlier on Tuesday, while addressing the final round of Bangabandhu Srijanshil Medha Onnweshan-2024 (Bangabandhu creative talent hunt) at Dhaka Teachers Training College, said, “We have a specific number of working days for the schools. Now we have kept the schools open on Saturday for a necessity, as those were closed for a few days. This is not a permanent thing.”

He further said, “Such a decision on keeping schools open on any holidays for teaching was already there, and it will be there in the future as well, if there is any necessity. This is not anything new.”

Addressing the programme, the minister also said the temperature in different places of Bangladesh is different. The temperature is less in the northeast zone than other parts of the country now. But we will have to keep the teaching activities shut there due to floods in a few days. That is why there could be a decision to keep schools open on Friday too to decrease the learning gap.