This year, the total number of candidates in SSC and equivalent examinations is 2,021,868 while the number of candidates was 2,243, 254 in the past year. The number of candidates has decreased by about 225,000 as compared to last year.

Students from 29,519 educational institutions across the country under nine general education boards, madrasahs and technical education boards are expected to participate in SSC, Dakhil and SSC (Vocational) examinations at 3,790 exam centres.

The time for exam has been reduced from three hours to two hours this year. There will be 20 minutes for MCQ part while 1:40 hours will be provided for the creative part.

Earlier, due to the inauguration of the Padma Bridge, it was decided to reschedule the 25 June test by one day in advance. But now all the tests have been postponed due to the floods.