The two students received full funding by Erasmus+, provided by the European Union (EU).

The University of Maribor is one of the top public universities in Slovenia, and has been titled as “The Best Universities in New Europe in 2018” by the Times Higher Education Magazine, said a press release.

Asked about the importance of exchange programmes and the impact of their experiences, one of the students, Sadia, said, “Being a part of an exchange programme is always an enriching and priceless experience. I met amazing people from different cultures and also travelling around European countries and cities.”

Prithy, said, “Many people find it difficult to step outside of their comfort zone, and an exchange programme can assist a student in adjusting to a new way of life. I had an amazing time at UM and was lucky enough to get a chance to travel around Europe.”

Both students strongly agree that every university in Bangladesh should take the initiative to send their students on exchange programmes and accept foreign students.

Prithy believes, students benefit from the exchange programme as they become more self-sufficient and responsible. It also boosts self-esteem and confidence.

Sadia said, “Exchange programmes help students reflect on themselves and their culture better, as one has the responsibility to represent one’s country in a positive way in the global sphere”.

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