No students from 48 educational institutions passed this year

Candidates taking the SSC examFile photo

This year's SSC exams saw no students passing from 48 educational institutions, compared to 50 institutions with no successful candidates last year, UNB reports.

However, the number of educational institutions achieving a 100 per cent pass rate has decreased this year, with 2,354 institutions having all their students pass, while the previous year had 2,975 such institutions.

The overall average pass rate for the SSC and equivalent exams this year is 80.39 per cent. Among the country's nine general education boards, the average pass rate is slightly higher at 80.94 per cent.

In contrast, the Madrasa Education Board recorded an average pass rate of 74.70 per cent, and the Technical Education Board achieved an impressive pass rate of 86.35 per cent.