Glenrich International School hosts cultural fest GlenDeur


Glenrich International School organised GlenDeur, a cultural fest, for its students at the Satarkul campus recently, said a press release

The event was an excellent opportunity for young students from Playgroup to Grade 2 to showcase their talents and participate in group performances.

Kicking off at 9 am in the morning, both the parents and the students were equally excited to be a part of this event.


Students, parents, teachers and admin staff performed at the fest. Different kinds of dances including tribal skit performances, songs, skating performances, and Eid drama were part of this event. Students’ captivating performances enthralled the audience.

Inspired by the idea of the ‘School of Life’, Glenrich believes in the holistic development of the students.


This kind of arrangement helps in providing an outlet for curious minds to put their talents on display, making huge impacts on the overall development of the learners.