Career changes: Think ahead, prepare now!

Career changes: Think ahead, prepare now!

Harvard Business Review has said that the professional world will undergo all sorts of important changes in the post-coronavirus global scenario. Unless young professionals and those at a mid-level of their careers can quickly adjust to these changes, they are likely to face a backlash. There is no time to waste. Prepare yourself now for your career ahead.

Present yourself in a multidimensional manner

When uncertainty looms ahead, it is time to think in a multidimensional manner. We cannot be sure that whatever we have prepared for is actually correct. There will be the inevitable risks and obstacles. That is why we should prepare ourselves, focusing on certain specific fields.

If you are in marketing, look into what new opportunities are ahead in sales and branding. Use your past experience to look ahead for new career opportunities. Instead of restricting yourself to a particular profession, prepare yourself fast for a future where uncertainty is the new reality.

What to keep and what to discard

Charges can occur in your career at any time and for any reason. You should investigate in advance to understand what choices to make and what to discard if you are posed with career changes after the pandemic. You can go online and look into this, ask the experts for advice and get an idea of the situation.

Jobs can be at risk in present times. You must be able to discern how to select and reject your options. It is most important to keep a cool head and not to panic. Do not take any wrong decisions in the face of frustration. Things may deteriorate further in the future so you must safeguard your professional life accordingly. There may be a temporary standstill and things may go slow. Use that time to prepare for what lies ahead. In no way allow your morale or your mental strength wane.


Discover and create opportunities

Successful people are always questioning themselves about what work they will take up in days ahead, are they prepared for the work and so on. They link their skills with their profession. During these coronavirus times, try to get involved n all sorts of new work. Present your professional skills on LinkedIn and other professional and career related platforms.

This is the time to acquire new skills for the future. You may enhance your technical skills related to your existing career. This could help you overcome any problems that may crop up in your career.

Generally speaking, after any serious disaster or crisis period, new opportunities emerge. Those who manage to grab this opportunities first, can take themselves ahead in their careers.

Activate your latent links and contacts

Professionally speaking, we normally give importance to relationships that are of use to our careers. There are some relationships to which we do not attach much importance. But now is the time for some networking, for reviving old professional relationships and contacts. You may make a phone call, send an email and, when you feel the time is right, you may share your predicament with them. Revive your contact with old clients or companies. Be prepared to renew old links and acquaintances.

Think, understand and get down to work

Crisis times can create despondency, but post-crisis times can create opportunities. We must make sure that frustration does not make us lose our sense of direction, our professional ethics or our personality. We should try to use every moment to discover new opportunities.

SM Arifuzzaman is a human resources expert and teacher at Canadian University of Bangladesh