BCS non-cadre recruitment rules coming, recruitment from 40th BCS soon

Bangladesh Public Service Commission
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The public administration ministry will soon issue the revised non-cadre recruitment rules as a gazette following its approval from the prime minister’s office. A top-level official of the ministry confirmed the news to Prothom Alo.

Public Service Commission (PSC) sources said that the non-cadre recruitment of 40th BCS remained suspended till now as the rules of non-cadre recruitment from 35th to 44th BCS had not been passed.

Now when the government passes the non-cadre recruitment rules, there will be no more obstruction in this recruitment. Almost 4,500 officers are about to be recruited.

And if 300 more officers are recruited as per the election commission’s demand, almost 5,000 officers will be recruited from non-cadre selection.

When asked about this, an additional secretary of the public administration ministry on condition of anonymity told Prothom Alo that the government has passed the non-cadre recruitment rules.

Soon a copy of that will be sent to the PSC and published on the ministry’s website as a gazette. With these rules, non-cadre recruitment from 35th 44th BCS has been made valid. There should be no more issues with the recruitment now.

When asked, a PSC official on condition of anonymity said, “We have heard that the government has passed the rules. Now the non-cadre candidates of 40th BCS will be recruited as soon as we receive the rules.”  

Besides, we have taken preparation for many tasks regarding this recruitment already. We will now work to complete the recruitment process faster,” he added.

Non-cadre recruitment of the 40th BCS has remained held up for more than almost a year now. PSC had said that recruitment will be done as soon as the government passes the rules. Non-cadre candidates of the 40th BCS had been demanding recruitment for long.