BCS: Candidates aged 23-25 most successful, only 2pc from 29+ group

BPSC bulidingProthom Alo illustration

Candidates who are aged between 23 and 25 have emerged as the most successful group on the final recommendation lists in the 41st and 43rd Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examinations.

The age group secured a staggering 39.90 per cent of recommendations in the 41st BCS, and 37.68 per cent in the 43rd BCS, manifesting their prowess in passing through the rigorous selection process. 

On the flip side, those aged above the threshold of 29 secured the least recommendations in both BCS examinations, according to the Bangladesh Public Service Commission’s (BPSC) annual report for 2023. It was presented before the national parliament on Thursday. 

The 25-27 age group came on the second spot on the recommendation lists as they constituted 27.94 per cent of recommendations in the 41st BCS, and 32.27 per cent in the 43rd BCS examination. 

Apart from them, candidates within the 21-23 age range accounted for 19.44 per cent of recommendations in the 41st BCS, while 11.05 per cent of recommendations went to the 27–29 age group, and a mere 1.67 per cent to those above 29 years.

Among the applicants, the maximum of 31.53 per cent were from the 23-25 age group in the 41st BCS, while the least of 5.20 per cent were from the above-29 group.  

A similar trend prevailed in the 43rd BCS, where the majority of successful candidates were comparatively younger. Apart from the 23-25 group, candidates within the age range of 25-27 constituted 32.27 per cent of recommendations, while 14.66 per cent went to the 27-29 age group and 13.68 per cent to the 21-23 group. 

Conversely, candidates over the age of 29 received the least number of recommendations at 1.71 per cent.

The 42nd BCS examination was specially for recruiting physicians, where the maximum recommendations of 38.38 per cent went to the 25-27 age group, followed by 27.48 per cent of the 23-25 group.