Where to get information

Details about this issue are readily available on the government website ( and ( There are job offers in a number of towns and cities. The government website offers you to search for jobs in six towns including the capital Whitehorse. The other five towns are Watson Lake, Dawson City, Highness Junction, Carmacks and Carcross.

When it started

This pilot programme started in July 2020 and will continue for 3 years. No one has been able to arrive as yet due to Covid. If the programme proves to be a success, it will continue further.

Benefits of the programme

The age restrictions have been considerably relaxed here. In fact, there is no mention of any age limit. Education qualifications should be minimum HSC. There is no mention of IELTS scores. But those with IELTS scores will get benefits. A score of 5 is sufficient.



You first must come with at least two job offers for the same town. But unless the applicants from anywhere in the world, including Bangladesh, have experience in their own countries in the type of work required, they will not get any job offer. While HSC has been set as the minimum education qualification, it will be difficult to get a job without a relevant diploma.

It is extremely cold here. The temperature at times plummets to -50˚C or even -60˚C. You will have to be mentally prepared for that extreme cold. While it is cold in Canada’s 10 provinces, that cold is bearable. But the cold here sometimes is unbearable.

Where to search for jobs

To search for jobs under this programme, you will have to visit Canada’s government job website ( Till 19 December when this report was being compiled, the website displayed 258 job postings in the capital Whitehorse. These include jobs ranging from housekeeping to kitchen helper and even jobs for software technical support analysts. Anyone can apply if they have experience for the jobs on the website or have academic studies in such line of work.

There are jobs in the other 5 towns too. Then there are also job postings on the Yukon Territory government website ( On 19 December there were 43 job offers on the site. You will have to send them your résumé. If they like your résumé, they’ll call you for an online interview. If you are selected, they will send you a job offer.

Job offers are made only to those who apply and take the test. Do not get into any monetary transactions with anyone for this. You will get your job by yourself

What to do after the job offer

When you receive two part time job offers, you will then apply to the Canadian government website ( for a work visa. You can take your spouse and children with you. Your spouse will not need a job offer. You will have to remain and work there for a minimum 2 years.

If you move to any other province before the end of two years, your work permit will be cancelled. After working there for two years, you can apply for permanent residence. If you get permanent residence, you can move to anywhere in Canada that you want, if you don’t like this territory.

But keep in mind

People from all over the world are applying for this offer. This pilot programme is very relaxed about age, education qualifications and IELTS score. That is why you will require actual experience, studies or a diploma in the work for which you apply. If anyone comes to you with a job offer, you must realise that this is false. Job offers are made only to those who apply and take the test. Do not get into any monetary transactions with anyone for this. You will get your job by yourself.

The writer is an immigrant in Canada

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