According to the ministry sources, the government will recruit a total of 2309 officials through the BCS under 23 cadres. The health cadre will have the highest number of vacant posts as some 450 assistant surgeons and 79 dental surgeons will be recruited through the BCS.

Apart from that, 437 will be recruited under the education cadre while 274 under admin cadre, 80 under police cadre, 54 under customs cadre, 25 under Ansar, 30 under tax, and 870 under other cadres, including foreign, forest, rail, agriculture, and fisheries.

The ministry sources also said that the number of non-cadre posts is yet to be determined. The BPSC is now working on the vacancies sent by the ministry.

A BPSC official said on condition of anonymity that they are verifying the non-cadre posts sent by the ministry. It was found that the ministry sought recruitment for some posts that have not been created yet. Such posts are being excluded.

The ministry sent 27 vacancies, but 25 of them were confirmed as per documents. The vacancies sent by the ministry are being verified in such a way, he detailed, adding that the number of non-cadre posts will be determined before the circular.

It is the first time when the BPSC is preparing to issue a circular fixing the non-cadre posts, in addition to the cadre ones. The applicants will be allowed to submit their choices among the non-cadre posts, just like they now do for the cadre posts.

The BPSC, in an earlier letter, had asked the ministry to send its specific demands for non-cadre posts as well as the cadre ones. The ministry responded to the letter and reported the vacancies of non-cadre posts too.

Anand Kumar Biswas, controller of examination at BPSC, told Prothom Alo, “The demand letter of the 45th BCS has reached the BPSC from the ministry. We are working on it. The preparations are underway to float the circular in time.”