Nat’l committee concerned over postponement of determining life span

Ramshackle bus in Gulistan, DhakaFile photo

The National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways has expressed deep concern over the postponement of the decision to determine the economic life span of bus and truck and stop the movement of prohibited vehicles on important roads and highways across the country, reports news agency UNB.

The organisation also apprehended that the level of chaos and accidents on the roads will increase due to such action of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, according to a press release issued on Sunday.

Mohammad Shahid Mia, the president of the organisation and its general secretary Ashis Kumar Dey expressed the concern through the press release.

The leaders of the civic body urged the government to withdraw the decision immediately for the public interests.

They said that the two decisions taken by the government earlier to avoid chaos and accidents on the roads were rational. One of those is to determine the economic lifetime of bus and truck, prohibiting operating of a bus older than 20 years and truck older than 25 years.

The other is prohibiting plying of CNG-run auto-rickshaws and small vehicles, including nosiman and kariman, on important roads and highways.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is vocal and sincere to stop road accidents, it said, adding that the road transport and bridges ministey has suddenly postponed two such important and timely decisions, causing intense anger and frustration among conscious citizens.

The leaders of the national committee demanded the government to take appropriate steps to control road accidents and avoid anarchy in the public transport sector.