Sources concerned said there are 219 medicines in the list of essential drugs in the country. Of these, the drug administration fixes the retail price of 117 medicines.

The directorate has decided to increase price of 53 medicines out of 117. However, the officials have not disclosed the names of these medicines. The names will be disclosed soon, they added.

A source said there is an obligation to produce all essential medicines. However, the pharmaceutical companies don't produce all medicines, saying they cannot make a profit.

The companies have been pressing demands to increase price of these medicines so that they do not incur losses by producing and selling essential medicines. In that context, price of medicines are being increased.

The price of medicines is being increased at a time when prices of daily essentials are rising. The price of fuel oil is increasing in the international market due to the Russia-Ukraine war. This has an impact on different commodities and services. As a result, low-income people are under serious pressure.

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