Bangladesh declines in global passport ranking

Bangladeshi passport.A representational image

Bangladesh has declined by one notch in the UK-based Henley & Partners’ Global Passport Ranking for 2024.

The ranking of Bangladesh in 2024 is 102nd, which was 101st in 2023.

The country is sharing the spot with North Korea this time.

According to the Henley Passport Index, a Bangladeshi passport entitles visa-free travel to 42 countries. The number was 41 in 2023.

In the index, 199 countries featured.

Eritrea and Sri Lanka are in the 101st spot of the index while Libya, Nepal and Sri Lanka are just below Bangladesh in 103rd.

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Neighbouring India ranked 85 in the passport index. The citizens of that country could travel to 62 destinations without any visa beforehand.

Besides, Pakistan ranked 106th with its citizens could enjoy visa-free travel to 34 countries.

The six jointly top ranked countries are - France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Spain. The people of those countries could travel to 194 countries without applying for any visas beforehand.

Afghanistan is the lowest ranked country in the Global Passport Index. Its citizens can enjoy visa-free travelling to 28 destinations.