No logic to stage movement against court, PM Hasina says on quota

Prime Minister Sheikh HasinaOfficial photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the quota issue in the government jobs should be settled in the apex court.

"The High Court pronounced a verdict regarding the quota system and movement is being held in a sub judice issue. We can not say anything like them from the government. Since the High Court gave the verdict, a solution should come from the court," she said.

The prime minister said this while the Jubo Mohila Leage leaders met her at her official residence Ganabhaban on Sunday, marking the organisation's 22nd founding anniversary.

She said there is no logic to stage such a movement against the apex court verdict regarding restoration of the quota system in the public services leaving study.

"What is now going on in the name of the movement (against quota) is to waste time of study. I don't think it has any logic," she said.

The prime minister reminded all that her government had earlier rescinded the quota in the public services.

Questioning what benefit had come from the cancelation of quota, she said it was seen that the women were not getting chances as much as they were availing during the period of quota.

She also said many people from the remote areas and districts had been deprived of getting public services in case of cancelling the quota.

"This is the reality," she added.

The prime minister said any of the deprived persons went to the High Court and it had given a verdict (against the government decision of cancelling the quota in the public services).

"We always honour the High Court verdict," she said.

She continued that another attempt is being made to raise a movement to cancel the quota system in the freedom fighter and women categories in the government jobs.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also said it needs to know how many people who did movement against quota in the past took part in the public service commission’s job exams and how many of them got chances.

"A statistic needs to be done to find out (their numbers)," she said, asking the demonstrators to prove that they had passed more PSC examinations.