“Basically it’s an action against their insurgents inside Myanmar. May be unintentionally a number of incidents took place. They acknowledged the matter,” he said on Sunday evening.

The foreign secretary said the BGB remains vigilant though firing happened almost 10 kilometers off the Bangladesh border.

Inside Myanmar, there are incidents of falling mortar shells and bombs blast, he said, adding that basically these are happening inside Myanmar border.

“But sounds are being heard here in Bangladesh side. For this reason, local people might have become restless. Our surveillance is there. We are observing the situation,” said the foreign secretary.

He further said efforts are there so that no tension prevails along the border. “We remain highly alert. BGB will not allow anyone inside Bangladesh.”

Earlier, Bangladesh reiterated its deep concern over falling mortar shells inside Bangladesh territory, indiscriminate aerial firing from Myanmar in the bordering areas, and incidents of air space violations from Myanmar.

On 3 September, 2022 two mortar shells fell inside Bangladesh between BP 40 and 41.

Myanmar ambassador to Bangladesh Aung Kyaw Moe was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet the Director General of Myanmar Wing.

During the meeting, the ambassador was also told that such activities are of grave threat to the safety and security of the peace-loving people, violation of border agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar and contrary to the good neighbourly relationship.

The ambassador was also urged to ensure that no trespassing of the internally displaced Myanmar residents takes place from Rakhine.

It was also stressed that a safe, secure and conducive environment in the place of their origin in Rakhine is essential for sustainable and voluntary repatriation of the displaced Rohingyas from Bangladesh.

The Myanmar ambassador was also asked to come to the ministry on 21 August and 28 August 2022 and protest notes were handed over to him conveying Bangladesh’s grave concerns.

The Bangladesh embassy in Yangon also raised the issue with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar with much importance.

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