He was speaking to media after visiting the Shaheed Minar area on Sunday.

The RAB DG further said the RAB patrolling teams, which will ensure security of the Central Shaheed Minar area, will have 36 pick-ups (VVIP escort) and 20 motorcycles, while a control room, 50 CC cameras, an LED panel and two observation posts will be set up.

Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun also said the RAB patrol teams will have two bomb squads and dog squads along with 230 intelligence agents and 24 special forces.

The RAB DG also said 323 patrolling teams in the capital will consist of 1,222 members while 377 patrolling teams outside of Dhaka will have 1,604 members. Overall, 700 patrolling teams in the country will have 2,826 RAB members.