Cars, public transports to ply on polling day

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There will be no restrictions on the movement of cars, CNG-run auto-rickshaws, and public transports on the polling day, 7 January, says the home ministry.

Mustafizur Rahman, senior secretary of the ministry's public security division, disclosed the decision while addressing the inaugural session of the training programme for executive magistrates on Tuesday.

"In the circular we have issued this time, in consultation with the election commission (EC), the previous restrictions on transports have been relaxed," he said.

The senior secretary argued that voters require vehicles to reach polling stations. Therefore, transports that are essential for daily activities have been allowed on the polling day.

Public transports will be allowed to operate on their regular routes as restrictions on the movement of vehicles would discourage voters from turning up at the polling stations

"You may receive a circular soon, granting permission for cars and CNG-run auto-rickshaws. However, restrictions will persist for motorcycles, microbuses, and some other vehicles," he explained.

Mustafizur Rahman further said public transports will operate on their regular routes. Restrictions on the movement of vehicles would discourage voters from turning up at the polling stations. The city dwellers might refrain from casting their votes if cars are restricted in Dhaka.

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Earlier, on 24 December, the EC announced a ban on the movement of some certain vehicles -- taxi cabs, pickup vans, microbuses, and trucks -- on the polling day from 12:00 am on 7 January to 12:00 am the following day.

It also said there will be a ban on motorcycles from 12:00 am on 6 January to 12:00 am on 9 January. However, the restrictions can be eased in specific cases, while journalists, poll observers, and other emergency service staff will be able to use motorcycles upon receiving due permission from returning officers.