US says election an internal affairs of Bangladesh

The US does not want to comment on Bangladesh’s forthcoming national election, noting that it is an internal domestic election.

"I don’t have anything else to get into that beyond as it’s an internal, domestic election," said deputy principal spokesperson Vedant Patel.

He came up with the remarks when a journalist wanted to know how the US would navigate a situation where, in Bangladesh, another party refuses to participate in a national election and may later claim to be an unfair and unjust election.

Patel, however, said as it relates to elections, they want elections to be free and fair and will reflect the will of the Bangladeshi people.

"I will say broadly, though, is that the US and Bangladesh last year celebrated 50 years of diplomatic relations, and we look forward to continuing to deepen those relationships," he said at a regular media briefing at the US Department of State on Monday.

Patel said Dhaka and Washington have a number of areas where they have the possibility for immense cooperation and engagement – whether that be climate change, whether that be the economy, addressing the humanitarian crisis, and other things as well.