EVM to be used in maximum 150 seats in nation polls: EC

An electronic voting machine (EVM)File photo

The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) will be used in maximum 150 constituencies in the next parliamentary election.

Additional secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath came up with this disclosure at the Nirbachan Bhaban (election commission building) following a meeting of the election commission (EC) on Tuesday evening.

He said the commission has decided to use EVM at maximum 150 seats while the minimum may be used in one constituency.

There is a debate in the political arena over using EVM in the election. While BNP is terming the EVM a machine of rigging, AL is in favour of using it in all 300 constituencies.

When asked about the matter, the additional secretary said, "The decision has been taken after considering all issues. The detailed discussion over the issue [debate over EVM use] hasn't been carried out at today’s meeting. The commission is discussing the issue internally."

"Now the EC has 150,000 EVMs in stock. These are sufficient for casting votes of around 70-75 seats. New initiative will have to be taken to purchase more EVMs," he added.

Earlier, election commissioner Md Alamgir on Sunday said the electronic voting machine (EVM) will be used in the forthcoming national parliamentary election. However, the decision as to in how many constituencies it would be used, has not been finalised yet.