Professional cyber criminal Mahfuzur Rahman Nabin (28) has finally been caught by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), after having duped innumerable people through the social media.

Introducing himself as a deputy assistant director of RAB, this wily criminal caught a large number of victims in his net, including law enforcement officers, media men, celebrities, university students, officers, workers and even housewives.

He selected his prey, hacked their Facebook accounts and uploaded fake videos and pictures. In the guise of a RAB officer, he extorted money from people. He used pornography and character defamation to carry out his outrageous cyber crime.

His activities put any thriller in shade, as he extracted millions of taka from his victims.

This cyber criminal Mahfuzur Rahman Nabin is from Mohammadnagar of Bahubal thana in Habiganj. A RAB team led by assistant police super of RAB-9 Anwar Hossain Shameem carried out an operation in nearby Abdullahpur and arrested him there.

RAB sources said women were his prime target. He would first hack his victims’ Facebook accounts and keep the ID owners under pressure by sending out the very personal pictures of them as well as videos and information to others. He would then adopt all sorts of unscrupulous means to use the hacked account to make money, destroy the person’s reputation and carry out all sorts of fraud.

RAB claimed that Nabin would target women, hack their FB accounts, superimpose their faces on offensive videos and pictures. He would then use these to blackmail them. Others would also hire him for such work. He would create trouble between couples and break up families.

He has not spared anyone in his fake photos, including the prime minister, ministers and foreign heads of state. He would spread objectionable communal comments on the social media too.

After nabbing him, RAB officials were shocked at the extent of his crime. He has hacked the Facebook ID of RAB officials, a TV anchor and other celebrities and used them in his criminal ventures. His victims also include actress Moushumi, music personality Kaushik Hasan Taposh and others.

Nabin has been handed over to the Bahubal police station in Habiganj. ASP Anwar Hossain said that he has been charged with hacking FB IDs, attempting to hack other people’s FB accounts, shutting down IDs and using such ploys to carry out criminal activities and make money, spreading offensive and fake content about the prime minister, ministers and foreign dignitaries on the social media, creating fake offensive pictures of his victims with pornographic content and other cyber crimes.

Anwar Hossain said that they managed to catch this cunning criminal after month-long intensive efforts. He said other cyber criminals would soon be caught too.