Bangladesh witnessed a tragic train accident in Brahmanbaria early Tuesday that left at least 16 people dead and over 100 others injured. Casualties in train accidents appeared to be a common phenomenon in the country allegedly for lack of proper maintenance by the authorities and negligence as well.

Although the latest accident killed the highest number of people in the current century, the country experienced far deadlier accidents before.

In 1983, a rail bridge collapsed with a running train in Pabna’s Iswardi upazila on 22 March, leaving 60 passengers dead.

In another incident, at least 27 people were burnt to death as a Parbatipur-bound passenger train caught fire on 13 January in 1985. Twenty-seven more people sustained burn injuries in the accident.

In 1989, a head-on collision between two passenger trains left 170 people dead and around 400 others injured at Majukhan of Gazipur on 15 January. The year witnessed another deadly train accident that claimed 13 lives. The accident took place after a train derailed near Chattogram on 2 February.

In Kushtia’s Bheramara upazila, 25 people were dead and 45 more injured as a train plunged into a river after derailment on 15 March 1986. Members of


Sarbahara Party, an outlawed party, were blamed for the accident.

Another tragic accident took place in Hili Railway Station of Dinajpur on 13 January 1995 when a train smashed into a stationed train, leaving around 50 people dead and 200 more injured.

In 2010, two passenger trains collided head-on in Narsingdi on 10 December, leaving 12 people dead on the spot.

Misled by a wrong signal, a Brahmanbaria-bound commuter train engine derailed at Arshinagar of Narsingdi on 10 January 2016, leaving two dead and 10 more injured.

In 2018, five bogies of a passenger train derailed at Tongi of Gazipur on 15 April that claimed five lives. Around 50 more people were injured in the accident.

On 24 June this year, six bogies of Upaban Express train derailed in Moulvibazar’s Kulaura upazila, killing at least four passengers and injuring over 200 others.