Prothom Alo receives YouTube Golden Play Button

Prothom Alo has been awarded the YouTube Golden Play Button.

The certificate came with a Golden Button Award that YouTube awarded Bangladesh's top daily Prothom Alo with as the daily hit one million subscribers on its YouTube channel on 28 April.

The occasion was celebrated at the daily's central office at Karwanbazar, Dhaka Sunday with the certificate and award being unveiled in the presence of the editor and officials.
The US-based video sharing website, popular across the world for video contents, awards most popular sites after hitting a chosen number of subscribers. The Diamond Play Button requires at least 10 million subscribers. Earlier in November, 2017, Prothom Alo was awarded the Silver Play Button for surpassing 100,000 subscribers.


Prothom Alo's YouTube channel was launched in 2014 and currently it has four channels including 'Prothom Alo', 'Prothom Alo News', 'Prothom Alo Recipe', and 'Prothom Alo Beauty and Style'. The newspaper-based YouTube channel has the highest number of subscribers in the country with 15 million views per month and a total view of 289 million so far.

There are 6,796 video items on the channel while 8 to 10 items are uploaded every day. The most viewed video is of a stage performance during the 2015 Meril-Prothom Alo Award ceremony, 'Sundori Komola Nache' which had 13 million views till Sunday.

The number of subscribers for Prothom Alo YouTube channel has reached 1,171,698 on 16 June last. The link to the Prothom Alo YouTube channel is: