Families of the deceased have not received any compensation so far.

The fire service and the explosives department have formed investigation committees in connection with the blast at Rakhi Villa building at Moghbazar in the capital.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, fire service probe body member Dinmoni Shawarma said they were supposed to have submitted the probe report within seven days. They could not complete it due to restrictions enforced to contain spread of coronavirus, Dinmoni added.

Explosives department chief Abul Kalam Azad gave the similar statement.

DMP Ramna Zone DC Sazzadur Rahman said those who are responsible for the incident will be brought to book. The investigation of the case has been transferred to the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of police as there is no progress in the investigation, he added.

The incident of blast took place at the ground floor of the three storey-building Rakhi Villa on the evening on 27 June. Seven buildings in the surrounding area were also damaged. Over 200 people were also injured.

Deaths in frequent blast incidents

As many as 34 people were killed in a blast at a mosque at Tolla area of Narayanganj in September 2020. It is learnt that the incident of blast took place due to a leakage of Titas Gas.

As many as 73 people were killed in a devastating fire in Old Dhaka on 20 February 2019. But the investigation in a criminal case in connection with the incident has not been finished yet. The source of the fire could not be known.

About the Moghbazar blast, Safety Management Foundation adviser and retired brigadier general Ali Ahammed Khan said he visited the site of Moghbazar blast and saw old line. He thinks the blast took place due to the accumulation of gas.

Ali Ahammed Khan also said none looks after these connections of Titas Gas or inspect these. He also said nobody comes when an allegation is made so Titas has to shoulder the responsibility of these incidents. A similar incident took place at a mosque in Narayanganj.

Titas Gas managing director Ali Iqbal Md Nurullah said Titas has no liability for Moghbazar incident as there was no connection of Titas Gas there.

According to the fire service, a total of 957 fire incidents took place due to explosions of gas line, gas cylinders and boilers. As many as 154 people were killed in these incidents. Besides, 2,208 were killed in different accidents on roads, rivers and in landslides.

In 2019, a total of 818 fire incidents from gas, LPG gas and cylinder took place. As many as 25 people were killed. Besides, some 184 people were killed in different types of fires.

According to annual statistics of the fire service, 16,156 people were killed in different types of accidents including fires between 2009 and 2018.

Fire Service and Civil Defence former director general and retired brigadier general Ali Ahammed said frequent incidents of blasts from gas are taking place. A survey needs to be conducted in the metropolitan cities including Dhaka to reduce these accidents.

He said if the concerned authorities including the fire service possess information as to how many buildings are risky it would be easier to take legal action.

Victims do not get compensation

Harunour Rashid Hawlader had been working as a security guard at the Rakhi Villa building for four years.

His body was recovered from under the debris of thecollapsed building in Moghbazar. Ten more people were killed in the incident.

Families of the victims said they did not get any compensation.

Harunor Rashid Hawlader's daughter Hena Begum said, "My mother would live on my father's income. She is now worried how she will run the family. We have not got any compensation."

In most of the cases, the victims' family members do not get compensation.

However, the families of the victims can file cases with the lower court seeking compensation. But a very few file cases.

Former law minister barrister Shafiq Ahmed said each of the family members of the deceased in Moghbazar blast deserve compensation.

Attorney general AM Amin Uddin said the family members of the deceased can file cases seeking compensation.

*This report, originally published in Prothom Alo online edition, has been rewritten in English by Rabiul Islam.

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