Member of Brunei legislative council YB Khairunnisa, members of Bangladeshi community, local Bruneians, diplomats, journalists and civil society participated in the event.

The event continued with hoisting the national flag, followed by recital from the Quran, offering special prayers and one minute’s silence in commemoration and honour of all martyrs.

Bangladesh high commissioner in Brunei Nahida Rahman Shumona paid homage to the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by placing floral wreaths at his portrait.

The high commissioner and other mission officials read out the messages sent by president, prime minister, foreign minister, and state minister for foreign affairs on this occasion.


In her speech, high commissioner Nahida Rahman Shumona recalled the remarkable and inimitable contribution of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in directing the destiny of the nation towards independence which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. “And, we all have joined this celebration with unfettered ecstasy and genuine patriotic fervour.”

She also expressed her gratitude and appreciation for prime minister Sheikh Hasina who, defying all odds, has shown true mettle, perseverance, prudence and resolved to take the country forward, and to put it on an upward development trajectory.

The Golden Jubilee not only means celebration and festivity but also entails commitment and responsibility for all citizens of Bangladesh to uphold the real value, significance and sanctity of the Victory Day by devoting themselves to fulfilling the dream of building ‘Sonar Bangla’ envisioned by Bangabandhu, Nahida Rahman Shumona said.

The another session of the event was held online, comprising cultural performances from the participants of ReLA (Reading and Literary Association of Brunei), La Vida Berhad, Brunei Music Society, followed by screening of a documentary on the Liberation War.

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