BPSC: 'Facebook pages in its name fake'

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All the existing Facebook pages in the name of Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) are fake and controlled by some unidentified people.

Terming all information uploaded on these pages unofficial, the commission told Prothom Alo that it would report the issue to the authorities concerned for taking action as per law.

The government job seekers said several groups and pages have been opened in the name of BPSC as the desire for civil service jobs emerged among the youth. These groups and pages have been equipped in such a manner that it is difficult to identify whether these are fake or authentic.

Some of the pages circulate possible dates of different civil service exams, alluring the followers to consider the platform as official. Some even brief the followers about the possible date of final recommendation.

Some 173,000 people liked a page -- Bangladesh Public Service Commission – equipped with the picture of the commission office in its profile and cover. Its last post, which was made on 18 June, noted that the result of 44th civil service preliminary examination is likely to be published on 30 June. The post was liked by an overwhelming number of people.

BPSC chairman Md Sohorab Hossain said none of these pages is official. The result may be published even before the possible date mentioned in the post. The BPSC will not take any responsibility for information circulated on such a fake page.

The BPSC chairman further said they would report the authorities concerned over these fake pages.

In conversation with Prothom Alo, several BCS cadres said they thought it to be an official Facebook page of BPSC as the possible dates of various exams and results were published here.

Many BCS cadres also liked the page, which made the general jobseekers confused, they added.

Mamun Hossain, a job seeker, said he found a page in the name of BPSC while searching for the result of 44th civil service preliminary examination. The big volume of likes and followers made him believe the page to be an official one. But the reality was in stark contrast.

Mamun urged the authorities to remove such fake pages as soon as possible. He also feared that the speculative information published on these pages may harm the people.

A BPSC source said it seems that the possible dates circulated on the pages are somehow gleaned from the commission. It is also being investigated whether anyone from PSC is leaking the information.

However, the jobseekers said that the BPSC should launch an official Facebook page considering the changed context. They mentioned the Facebook pages of BTRC and different ministries to provide instances.

If the commission launches an official page and gets it verified, the jobseekers will be able to differentiate the authentic and fake ones and get official information, they said.