Khairul lived in a rented house in Lucky Round area of Dubai. He co-owned a mobile phone outlet in Dubai with another Bangladeshi businessman. His partner, Md Rafique is from Suabil village of Fatikchari upazila.

In the video, Khairul blamed his partner for his death saying he had occupied the shop and even took his (Khairul’s) car keys. Khairul also alleged that he was beaten up by Rafique. "I am committing suicide because of being cheated by my business partner," he said.

Shoaib Shikder, panel chairman of Dharmapur UP, said that Khairul, in a recent Facebook post about his business, had hinted requested that he should be buried in the UAE, in a clear hint that he was contemplating suicide.

“We have asked the Fatikchari and Dharmapur expatriate council leaders to take legal action in this regard,” he said.

Khairul is survived by his mother, wife and two children, he said.