This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and China.

The ambassador said a Chinese proverb goes, “Only friendships built on sincerity can last long.”

Over the past 45 years, he said, the two countries have shown mutual respect, understanding, and support in their relationship.

Ambassador Jiming said pragmatic cooperation in a wide range of fields has been greatly expanded and the economies of China and Bangladesh are closely linked and highly complementary to each other.

"There are huge spaces for cooperation in public health, trade, investment, and engineering contracts between the two countries," he said.

The ambassador thinks the cooperation between Bangladesh and China not only benefits the peoples of the two countries but also promote regional development and stability.

"China will always be the most reliable partner of Bangladesh and a firm builder and implementer of major infrastructure projects for the Belt and Road connectivity," he said.

Solidarity and cooperation

The ambassador said the virus cannot defeat humanity and they will eventually prevail over the stealthy foe. “Solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons for the mankind to defeat the virus.”

He said the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis facing the mankind, and thus every country shares the same destiny.

"No country can guarantee its absolute security in public health alone until all countries are safe," he said.

The international community, therefore, needs solidarity and cooperation more than ever, said ambassador Jiming.

He said China is ready to continue to work with the international community to support WHO's leadership in the global response, promote solidarity and cooperation among the international community, safeguard the Earth, build a global community with a shared health for all, and win the battle against the virus at an early date.