Seminar on ‘Green Innovation for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh’ held in Dhaka


A seminar titled ‘Green Innovation for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh’ was held in Dhaka, said a press release.

Cityscape - GreenTech Foundation Bangladesh, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering green innovations and sustainable development, organised the seminar a as part of its Innovation Series.

The seminar was held recently at the Cityscape Lifestyle Premier Lounge in Dhaka, focused on creating an effective ecosystem to support and develop green innovations and business ideas that can contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the country.

Planning minister MA Mannan was the chief guest of the event. His support for initiatives driving sustainable development exemplifies the government's commitment to a greener and more prosperous Bangladesh.

The keynote presentation was delivered by the brilliant scientist Sopan Das, from the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.

Sopan Das showcased his groundbreaking invention, the "Radon Thoron Discriminative Detector," a revolutionary device capable of detecting both radon and thoron gases separately in the air. As these gases are known to be significant causes of lung cancer, this innovative detector holds the potential to reduce the number of lung cancer patients and make substantial progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3) - Good Health and Well-being.

Sopan Das was awarded Green Innovation Award 2023 for his unique innovation at the seminar.

The panel of speakers discussed on how businesses, financial institutions, and governments can collaborate to foster sustainable practices and encourage green innovations to flourish.

The panel was moderated by Jamal Uddin, consultant of UNICEF and inclusive business expert while welcome speech was delivered by Lutfor Rahman, founder and executive director of GreenTech Foundation.

The seminar witnessed active participation from a diverse audience comprising government officials, industry leaders, researchers, and enthusiasts, all united in their commitment to driving sustainable growth and environmental responsibility in Bangladesh.

The event provided an excellent platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and forming collaborative partnerships to accelerate the green innovation landscape in the country.

GreenTech Foundation Bangladesh remains steadfast in its mission to promote sustainable practices and empower innovators who are working towards building a greener and healthier future for Bangladesh. The seminar marked a significant milestone in their ongoing efforts and set a positive precedent for future endeavours.