DNCC completes 100pc removal of sacrificial animal waste within deadline

DNCC completes 100pc removal of sacrificial animal waste within deadlineUNB

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) authority has claimed to have successfully completed the removal of sacrificial animal waste within the announced six-hour timeframe.

DNCC Mayor Md Atiqul Islam said, "With everyone's cooperation, we have been able to completely remove the sacrificial animal waste of Dhaka North City within the six hours declared earlier.’’

Expressing grateful to the conscious citizens for their sincere cooperation, he said all need to continue working together to keep Dhaka city clean in the coming days.

He also urged those who could not sacrifice animals today (Monday) to complete the process by tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

The mayor also said many people are sacrificing animals even late into the evening or at night. They can inform the DNCC by calling our hotline 16106, and their staff will come to collect the waste.

Earlier in the afternoon, Mayor Atiqul inaugurated the removal programme of the sacrificial animals’ waste at H Road No. 6 under Section-2 Block of Mirpur, Ward 7 at 2pm.

The citizen-service providing organisation completed the removal of sacrificial waste from all 54 wards with collecting approximately 10,374 metric tonnes of waste by 8pm.

The mayor personally inspected the sacrificial waste management activities in various areas and conducted direct supervision.

Additionally, to ensure effective monitoring, DNCC formed ten groups for inspection in its ten regions. Each group, led by a senior official, included key personnel from health, engineering, waste management, and other departments. These groups monitored waste management activities continuously across DNCC's ten regions.

At the end of the inspection, Mayor Atiqul ordered Waste Management Department and the inspection groups formed for supervision to swiftly clear the sacrificial waste by tomorrow.

On the other hand, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has removed waste of the sacrificial animals from 64 out of 75 wards under the DNCC till 8pm.
Processes were underway to remove the waste from the rest wards, said a DSCC media release signed by Md Abu Naser, public relations officer of the organization.