Dhaka Elevated Expressway: BRTC bus service kicks off

BRTC bus will operate on the Dhaka Elevated Expressway. Passengers are getting in a bus after buying tickets at around 11:00am on Monday. The picture was taken from Khejurbagan area in the capital.
Sazid Hossain

State-run agency BRTC has started operation of bus service on the Dhaka Elevated Expressway at 11:15am today, Monday.

Road Transport and Highways Division secretary ABM Amin Ullah inaugurated the bus service at Manik Mia Avenue in the capital. BRTC chairman Md Tajul Islam was present.

After the inauguration, the first bus set out for Jasimuddin Road in Uttara at 11:25am.

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This bus is like a 'shuttle' service to a great extent. It will operate only on the expressway. Buses will start from Khejurbagan near Farmgate. Plying on the expressway, the buses will return to the Khejurbagan point after turning at Jasim Uddin Road in Uttara. The buses will operate throughout the day from 7:00am.

On 2 September, prime minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the much-awaited 11.5 km Dhaka Elevated Expressway's Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport-Farmgate section for traffic. It will take 12-13 minutes to travel the 11.5 km elevated expressway. But buses are not operating on the expressway saying passengers are not available. The bus operators said there is no scope to board or alight a bus in the middle of the expressway.

As a result, BRTC buses will operate from one point to another point.

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Each bus will have to pay Tk 160 as toll. A passenger has to give Tk 35 to travel 15 km from Khejurbagan to the airport and Tk 40 to travel 17 km from Khejurbagan to Jasim Uddin Avenue.

Fare for each km is Tk 2.45 and there is no scope to charge higher as there is e-ticketing system, BRTC sources said.

BRTC chairman Md Tajul Islam said the bus service will start with eight buses on pilot basis. Depending on demand, the number of buses will be increased.

He also said these buses will only operate on the expressway.