Prothom Alo

Some yellow polythene bags were noticed in front of a house in capital’s Kalyanpur area. ‘Dhaka North City Corporation’ was printed on the polythene bags filled with waste from the slaughtered animals.

In front of the next house there were two regular bags and they were also filled with animal waste.

Like these two houses, garbage bags were seen lying at many places around the capital. The waste has been left for the city corporation cleaners to collect.

Those who didn’t receive bags provided by the city corporation, have bought polythene bags themselves and disposed of the waste in these.

Employees from the waste management department of Dhaka’s both city corporations are seeing this awareness of the city dwellers as a positive thing.

They are saying, people have become more conscious than before. They stored their waste in the bags distributed by city corporations. They cleaned up the blood themselves.

With the cooperation of city residents, they believe it is possible to clear up the wastes within the stipulated time.

Compared to previous years, this year residents of the capital seem more conscious in sacrificial waste management under their own initiative.

Prothom Alo

Visiting Kalyanpur, Ahmadnagar, Mirpur-1, Khilgaon and Mohammadpur areas it was noticed that after performing the animal sacrifice, people have left their waste in sealed polythene bags. In some places, people were seen cleaning blood themselves.

Certain places were selected as sacrificial grounds from Dhaka North and South City Corporation. However, fewer animals were actually sacrificed there. Like earlier, people performed their sacrificial rites at the garages of their homes, empty spaces nearby, streets and alleyways.

Although city residents performed their sacrificial rites at places of their convenience, they were quite conscious about disposing the waste.

As per sources of Dhaka North and South City Corporation, to facilitate waste removal for the residents of the north, the city corporation distributed 500 thousand degradable polythene bags.

Meanwhile, 120 thousand bags were distributed for free on behalf of the South City Corporation.

Before the Eid, mayor of the North City Corporation had announced to remove the waste within 12 hours while mayor of the South City Corporation promised to do the same within 24 hours.

On the occasion of the Eid, holidays of all employees of City Corporation’s waste management department including the cleaners have been cancelled.

Prothom Alo

This year, a total of 9,050 employees will be involved in cleaning activities within Dhaka South City Corporation area. 353 vehicles will be used for this purpose. And 9,990 cleaners will remain employed with 585 vehicles in the north.

Dhaka North City Corporation workers started cleaning the waste from 10 in the morning. At about 2.00pm Dhaka North City Corporation mayor Md Atiqul Islam inaugurated the special cleaning activities through clearing up the cattle market set at Sayeednagar area.

Waste management activities of Dhaka South City Corporation officially began at 2.00pm as well.