Freedom fighter quota in jobs: No postponement of HC verdict, appeal hearing adjourned

High CourtFile photo

The High Court verdict that cancelled a government circular, issued reforming freedom fighter quota in direct appointment in 9th-13th grade jobs at various government, autonomous and semi-autonomous organisations and corporations, has not been postponed.

Instead, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court has adjourned hearing of a writ the state filed seeking postponement of the HC order.

Six-member Appellate Division led by chief justice Obaidul Hassan ordered “not today” as the writ petitioner urged for some time Thursday.

The Supreme Court also urged the state to file a leave to appeal plea.

After the final hearing of a writ petition, on 5 June this year, the High Court declared the circular invalidating the freedom fighter quota for the appointment in 9th to 13th grade posts.

The state appealed for a stay of the judgement, which was heard in the Chamber Court on 9 June.

On that day, the Chamber Court fixed the appeal to be heard at the full bench of the Appellate Division on 4 July.