Metro rail: Fines 10 times more than fare or jail for extra ride

Photo shows metro rail running on trial in Mirpur, Dhaka.
Tanvir Ahammed

Any passenger taking a ride more than the distance mentioned on the ticket will be fined 10 times more than the fare, and failure to pay the fine will result in a maximum of six months in prison.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the first-ever metro rail service of the country on Wednesday and passengers will be allowed to travel the following day.

The metro rail act 2015 states taking a ride more than approved distance or following any trick to avoid ticket will be considered an offence.

A passenger can avail a trip with a tickets which will be a card. There will be two types of cards; one is a permanent card or MRT pass and another is single journey card.

Cards will be available at the metro rail stations in the beginning and the authorities concerned have taken initiative to appoint several firms to sell cards outside the stations.

One can avail a MRT pass by registering on DMTCL (Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited) website and app. Registration will be open on Thursday. No registration will be required for a single journey card.

Minimum fare for availing metro rail service has been set at Tk 20 and Tk 10 will be added for every two stations.

The service will be operated on Uttara-Agagaon route for the first three months and there will be no stoppage for now. Metro rail will start taking passengers at other stations from 26 March.