Protesting students said they gave a 48-hour deadline to implement the 9-point demand. But the authorities concerned did not meet any of their demands within the deadline, they added.

The students further said their demonstration will continue in front of the BRTA headquarters unless a gazette is issued meeting their demands.

One of the protesting students told Prothom Alo that they placed their demands with the BRTA office on 25 November. At that time, they were assured of fulfilling it.

The student also said they had given a deadline to issue a gazette by today (30 November). But, nothing happened. Today, an announcement on half bus fare for Dhaka students came but with conditions. If our demands are not met by today we will announce next programme from a press conference, the student added.

Another protesting student said not a single one of their demands has been met as yet and the announcement on half bus fare in the name of meeting students’ demand is nothing but a farce.

Students from the capital’s various institutions, including Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rauf Public College, Prime Asia University, Stamford University and Gulshan Commerce College joined the protest in front of the BRTA office.

Half fare for students at all mode of public transports and inclusion of harsh punishment in the Road Transport Act are among the nine demands placed during the nationwide student movement for road safety in 2018.

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