UN delegation visits missing BNP leader Sajedul Islam’s home

A UN delegation visits the home of BNP leader Sajedul Islam, who has gone missing since 2014, in Shaeenbagh, Dhaka on 3 January 2023.
Prothom Alo

A UN delegation on Tuesday visited the home of BNP leader Sajedul Islam, who has gone missing.

Senior rights advisor Huma Khan and human rights officer Zahid Hossain from United Nations, Dhaka office went to Sajedul Islam’s home at Shaeenbagh in the capital and talked to the family members.

Earlier, US ambassador in Dhaka Peter Haas visited Sajedul Islam’s home on 14 December last year.

Sajedul Islam, who was general secretary of BNP’s Dhaka city Ward No 30 unit (now Dhaka north Ward No 25), has remained missing since 4 December 2013. Family alleged members of law enforcement agency took him away.

Sanjida Islam, sister of missing Sajedul Islam, is the coordinator of ‘Mayer Daak,’ a platform of the families of those who have been victims of enforced disappearance.

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She told Prothom Alo the UN delegation visited them to follow up the US envoy’s visit and whether there is any pressure or they are facing any harassment.

Besides, the UN is always vocal against enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings by law enforcement agencies. So, the delegation members inquired about the family members of the victims of such incidents, Sanjida Islam added.

Sanjida Islam alleged when someone wants to speak about enforced disappearance and extra-judicial killing, the government corners them and provides incorrect data.

There has been more pressure from the government on their family after Peter Haas visited them and police also visited them once, she said adding they spoke with the UN delegation on what they should do and how amid such situation.

On 14 December, a group of people tried to encircle Peter Haas when he was leaving the house before he was escorted to his vehicle by security personnel.

US embassy later said the envoy left the home without ending the meeting due to security concerns and they have informed the matter to the high level of the government.

The US State Department has expressed its concern at the highest level of the Bangladesh government in this incident.