Black laws like indemnity still being passed in parliament: Mokabbir

Gono Forum member Mokabbir Khan
File photo

Gono Forum member Mokabbir Khan said black laws like indemnity are still being passed in the parliament to protect the corrupts, money launderers and looters -- that is shameful.

The leader came up with this remark on Sunday while addressing a special discussion to mark the Golden Jubilee of the national parliament.

He said the image of parliament was tarnished in several ways after the killing of the nation's father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The indemnity act was passed in this parliament to stop the trial of murder of Bangabandhu.

The killers of Bangabandhu and razakars were made members of parliament. The parliament is being formed to snatch the ownerships of the people, he added.

Mokabbir Khan said no question was raised over the election of 1970 though the then election commission was under the control of West Pakistan. The Awami-League (AL) won the election, securing 288 out of 300 constituencies. Nobody raised any question over the election of 1973 either.

No fair election was held under the regime of any government after 1975 -- sometimes the constitution was amended, sometimes ballot boxes were stolen, sometimes 13 million fake voters were made and sometimes ballots were stuffed in the night. Even Sheikh Hasina is not excluded from the blame, he lamented.