The report was shared by the UK home office's official twitter handle which is followed by around 1 million people and later retweeted by home secretary Patel.

Mueen claimed the report and its frequent sharing tarnished his image.

A few weeks ago, Mueen filed a writ petition with the high court claiming that the report flouted European data protection rules.

The government of UK released the Challenging Hateful Extremism Report in October last year.

Mueen initially lodged a complaint against the report but it was dismissed later.

In a further development, the authorities removed personal information and references to Mueen.

The report was visible on the website until 20 March.

Seven years back, the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh convicted him in an incident of carrying out a militia attack and killing 18 intellectuals during the Liberation War. It handed down the death penalty in his absence.

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