Earlier, only emergency services and related offices were allowed to remain open. However, almost all offices were open.

The delta variant of coronavirus has spread in bordering districts of the country.

Deputy commissioners of these districts along with the public representatives will take effective measures including lockdown in consultation with the technical committee to contain the infection.

The cabinet division issued a gazette notification in this regard on Wednesday.

As per the previous announcement, restrictions are set to end on 16 June midnight. Now the restrictions will be in force until 15 July.

According to the new restrictions, all tourist sites, resorts, community centres and leisure centres will remain shut as before. Social functions including wedding reception, birthday programme and picnic, and political and religious gathering will remain banned.

Food shops, hotels and restaurants will remain open for takeaway services from 6:00am to 10:00pm. They will be allowed to serve customers half of their capacity at once.

All modes of public transport will operate carrying passengers half of its capacity by maintaining health rules.

Public transport are being operated following such instruction since 24 May. However, movement of public transport remains closed in several areas in the northern region including Rajshahi due to the prevalence of coronavirus.

Earlier, public transport was allowed to run within districts due to restrictions.

Community transmission of the delta variant of the novel coronavirus has begun in the country. The delta variant has spread in several bordering districts. As a result, special lockdown is underway in several districts along with the countrywide Covid restrictions.

Infection rate and death have spiked in neighbouring India because of the delta variant of coronavirus.

The government earlier this year imposed restrictions on various areas, including public transport, for seven days from 5 April to curb the infection. Later it was extended for two more days.

As the situation didn’t come under control, from 14 to 21 April, an ‘all-out lockdown’ was declared. This was later extended for seven times. This time, the restrictions were extended until 15 July.

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