Physician picked up by four, identifying themselves as CID men, says father

Shakir Bin Wali

Four people identifying themselves as members of police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) picked up a physician from his residence in Rampura in the capital on Sunday, alleged his father.

Shakir Bin Wali has recently passed the MBBS exams. Shakir’s father AKM Wali Ullah is an eye specialist and a surgeon.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, AKM Wali Ullah said he has been living in Purba Hajipara for the around 24 years. Around 3:00pm on Sunday, four plainclothesmen came to his house while he was out on his professional work. “They picked up Shakir for interrogation. They did not elaborate their identity, just said ‘we are CID men’.”

Wali Ullah also said upon learning the matter he contacted Rampura police station but he was told that the police knew nothing of the incident. Police did not even file any general diary (GD) about this. “Police only took a note in a diary,” he added.

AKM Wali Ullah also said a team of 4 to 5 men came to their home at around 10:00pm on that day. They identified themselves as CID men and searched Shakir's room and took his mobile phone. They did not elaborate their identity even then. When Wali Ullah asked them about Shakir, they said he is at the Malibagh office of CID. They had come to the house for investigation.

Wali Ullah said he went to Malibagh office of CID in search of his son on Monday. But he could not find his son. When he contacted the CID reception, they declined to provide any information.

Later, when he went to Rampura police station once again to file a general diary, a police officer Golam Maula said he was sure that members of the state intelligence agency took Shakir. That’s why no GD can be filed.

When Prothom Alo contacted Abul Kalam Azad, CID’s additional police super (media), over phone, he said he would give details once he learnt about the matter.

Rampura police station officer-in-charge Golam Maula told Prothom Alo that Shakir’s father came to file a GD alleging that his son was picked up by people identifying themselves as CID. He was asked to contact CID. Later, he did not contact the police station.

But Wali Ullah said he wanted to file a complaint with the Rampura police station as he could not get any information of his son.

Denying this, Golam Maula said he (Wali Ullah) did not come to the police station again. If he files an allegation it will be taken. The matter is being investigated, he added.