He said it was completely mugging. Bulbul, along with a friend, went to the New Zealand area on the campus in the evening on the day of the incident. Those three people (arrested) tried to snatch the phone and wallet from them.

At the time, a scuffle between the muggers and Bulbul took place. There were some injury marks on Bulbul’s body.

The deputy commissioner said they confessed to stabbing him at one stage of scuffling, and fled the scene immediately.

Replying to a question, Azbahar Ali said, “We are not terming them professionals since we haven’t found any case filed against them. The investigation is underway.”

When asked whether the behaviour of Bulbul’s friend was suspicious, he said, “We checked her call list and mobile phone. There was no evidence of any criminal activity.”

In response to another question, Azbahar Ali said no evidence was found that the murder was carried out due to the personal enmity. He was killed mainly due to mugging.

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