He also said railway police took them to the police station to settle the matter but later filed a case against them.

Gopal Kumar, officer in charge of Rajshahi railway police station, said, police constable Golam Kibria's wife Sultana Razia Sultana filed the case against athletes alleging that they beat up her husband and stole her gold chain.

Kibria was sent to the Rajshahi Medical College and Hospital, he said.

He also said that the police officer's brother Golam Sarwar, also a witness in the case, denied any incident inside the train.

"He claimed they had a dispute over getting off the train, and then a fight erupted," said the OC.

Liton Hossain, acting chief judicial magistrate of the chief judicial magistrate court of Rajshahi, sent seven of the accused athletes to jail when they were produced before the court.

Women and Child repression Prevention Tribunal-2 granted the minors and women athletes interim bail till 10:00am on Monday.

The lawyer of the accused, Mainul Islam said, there's no specific allegation against the minors.

"Judge Md. Hasanuzzaman will give the final decision after the full hearing on Monday," he said.