The robbers target low-income traders, who buy vegetables from the city’s wholesale vegetable stalls, including Karwan Bazar.

They usually pick up the traders saying that they are heading towards the same direction. They later snatch cash and mobile phones from the traders and throw them off the moving vehicle, he said.

Hafeez said trader Apan Mia and his companion Nazrul Islam were waiting for a ride to Karwan Bazar on 28 December from Dakshinkhan.

A pickup van picked them up from the east side of the Kawla Footover Bridge at Airport Police Station to go to the Karawan bazar.

But as soon as they got on, the robbers snatched their mobile phones and money and pushed them off the vehicle. Apan Mia died on the spot.

A case was filed with at Airport Police Station in this regard. DB and the thana police investigated the case.

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