According to the police, they found direct involvement of six people in the incident while the other two abetted in the crime.

The accused who were directly involved in the crime are: Saifur Rahman, Shah Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Rony, Tariqul Islam Tarek, Arjun Laskar, Mohammad Ainuddin alias Ainul and Misbaul Islam Rajon.

Rabiul Islam Hasan and Mahfuzur Rahman Masum were indirectly involved.

On 30 November, police received the DNA report of the victim and found the involvement of some of the accused arrested over time.

Gang Rape at MC College

Earlier, a group of youth tied up a man and raped his 19-year-old wife at a dormitory of MC College on 25 September last year.

After being rescued by the police, the victim’s husband filed a case at Shahporan police station against nine people mentioning the names of six. So far, the police have arrested eight people in this case.

On 30 September, the High Court formed an investigation committee to look into the incident.

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