Recounting the event, the victim said their bus made a stopover at a hotel in Sirajganj around 11:00pm. Five minutes after the bus started from the hotel, three people, aged 20-22, got up and said they had some more people to board, waiting on the way.

After a while, four more people boarded the bus. One of them said, “I have a few more people to get up.” Later, six more people boarded the bus, posing as passengers. All, 13, people sat in the back. One of them wanted to sit beside the victim, but the supervisor barred him. Three people approached the bus driver after the bus crossed the Bangabhandhu bridge, she narrated.

At a stage, one of them started driving the bus after forcefully removing the driver. They dragged the driver and supervisor in the back of the bus. Then, they tied up all men and women passengers and looted all valuables from them, including gold ornaments, cash and mobile phones.

At a stage, six members of the robber gang raped her. Following that, the robbers started getting down the bus in phases. All of a sudden, the driver fled the bus through the window. At that time, the bus fell into the roadside ditch, the victim lamented.

Later, locals rushed to the scene and informed the police and fire service. The victim was first taken to Madhupur upazila complex. Then on Wednesday night, she was admitted into Tangail General Hospital.